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"I've never seen an online course that well structured, easily understandable, and packed with all the knowledge, tips, and tools needed to go from scratch up to a successfully running business."

- Denis Petrov

"His course is well constructed as well as very informative, Kamal showed my how to do this business step-by-step. He explains how to set up a home office in order to be more productive."

- Patrick Fulton

"He gives you step-by-step practical knowledge... Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have been given this knowledge!"


- Jonathan Jeanty

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- Alen Haliovic

"This Course Covers Everything - Regardless If You Have Zero Experience Like Myself Or If You Already Worked As A Dispatcher Somewhere Else But You Already Want To Start Your Business, This Course Is Where You Can Learn Something New And Become Better. My Overall Experience Is 10 Out Of 10."

- Kolu Vez

"Ever Since I Bought The Course, Mr. Kamal Has Been There Every Step Of The Way. Whenever I Have Questions And Concerns, I Will Ask And He Will Answer In A Timely Manner. He's Been Very Helpful."