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DispatchTrucks.com gives you everything you could possibly need to build a successful, sustainable independent freight dispatching business in record speed.

Get your handheld step-by-step from zero trucking experience to a fully-fledged trucking pro. Plus, enjoy the full support, accountability, and positivity of the amazing community!

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Starting A Business Doesn’t Have To Be Costly, Time-Consuming, Or Complicated

DispatchTrucks.com proves that it’s possible for anyone to become a successful entrepreneur. All they need is the right platform, business plan, and support.

Working The 9-5

Independent freight dispatching is a front runner in flexibility as a business model, making it ideal to start off in the 9-5. 

From learning the ropes in as little as 5-weeks, or as and when you can, to choosing when and how often you work when you’re just getting started. You can start learning and earning while keeping your current security.

In Retirement

No other business model is a patch on topping up pension pots. Working just a few hours a week can earn you equal to (if not easily more than) the average monthly American salary as an independent freight dispatcher. 

It couldn’t be a more perfect vehicle for a comfortable retirement.

Straight Out Of College

Skip the “9-5 right of passage” and get straight into the world of business with independent freight dispatching all without spending a fortune. 

Operate from anywhere in the world as you travel, enjoy life to the full, all while securing a financially secure future for yourself and your family. Build a legacy, not a lifelong list of run-of-the-mill regrets.

Have An Existing Business

Independent Freight Dispatching is an asset easily integratable into any existing business setup. 

Its predictable, scaleable earnings can add to your bottom line, help build a business empire, and skyrocket your credibility as a business owner and entrepreneur. As business model growth goes, it’s a no-brainer.

Here's How It Works

DispatchTrucks.com is the #1 pitstop for everything you could possibly need to start, grow, and scale a successful independent freight dispatching business.

Time-Tested Strategy & Approach

The model we teach is as simple as it is powerful. If you follow the process step-by-step, you will follow in the footsteps of 100’s of people who are now the proud owners of 6-figure plus Independent Freight Dispatching businesses.

A Strong, Supportive Community

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is the shortcut to success. Inside of DispatchTrucks.com, you are spoilt for choice, with motivation, insight, accountability, and encouragement on tap. Wherever you turn, there is always something to learn or help teach.

Expert, Invested Mentorship

When you remove the guessing games, you can’t help but win. Kamal and his team of instructors are available to ask for advice, talk over course details, and even deals and business infrastructure. They’re also yet another form of motivation and accountability to keep you on track.

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Happy Students. Fully-Fledged Independent Freight Dispatchers.


- Alen Haliovic

"This Course Covers Everything - Regardless If You Have Zero Experience Like Myself Or If You Already Worked As A Dispatcher Somewhere Else But You Already Want To Start Your Business, This Course Is Where You Can Learn Something New And Become Better. My Overall Experience Is 10 Out Of 10."

- Kolu Vez

"Ever Since I Bought The Course, Mr. Kamal Has Been There Every Step Of The Way. Whenever I Have Questions And Concerns, I Will Ask And He Will Answer In A Timely Manner. He's Been Very Helpful."

Who Is Kamal M?

Kamal Makhmudov came to the USA with his mother and sick brother barely knowing a word of English. He unknowingly fell into the rat race and subsequential a lot of debt. Having tried countless ways to earn money and failed, by chance, Kamal got into the trucking industry through a friend.

It felt like a last-ditch attempt to build the life he wanted. A huge learning curve later, Kamal has now built an empire and name for himself inside of the trucking industry. He has 4 company trucks with 25 owner-operators.

Having ridden the learning curve and all its ups and downs, Kamal now focuses much of his time teaching other people how to shorten their own learning curves. He’s passionate about regular people experiencing success through independent freight dispatching at record speed at a remarkably affordable investment. 

Over 11,000 people have passed through his training and products to date. DispatchTrucks.com is the epitome of Kamal’s passion for education, entrepreneurship, and empowering people through learning new skills.

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